Assisted Living Center Cleaning


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Assisted Living Center Cleaning

Assisted living centers require a special touch when it comes to cleaning. Both visitors and guests need to feel comfortable about the environment that they are in.

Visual Appearance

The overall appearance should project cleanliness. This is where your guests will spend their time every day. Visitors will also be impressed and comfortable when they leave their loved ones alone in-between visits.

The Differences

There are different levels when it comes to cleaning an assisted living facility. All the different areas require their own special attention. Scrub King has an experienced staff that is versatile in all of the unique areas assisted living facilities have.

Personal Areas

Most centers provide a separate room for each individual’s living quarters. This is their personal space. They must feel comfortable with whoever comes in the help with straightening up. Not just anyone can make them feel at home away from home.

Common Areas

Lobbies, game rooms and even the shared bathrooms in these areas need constant attention throughout the day. Since there is some much traffic, you will need to have someone on call at all times. Spills and other accidents will need to be cleaned up as soon as possible in order to prevent accidents.


Cleanliness is of the utmost importance when it comes to keeping an assisted living facility clean and safe. After all, most visitors are somewhat uncomfortable in their new environment and only cleanliness can make them feel more comfortable.

Safe Environment

Cleanliness and safety go hand in hand. Having all of the high-contact areas sanitized will prevent the spread of pathogens. This makes everyone feel safe, guests and visitors alike. It will be less likely for a virus to spread around the entire facility.


A professional cleaning contractor will provide courteous employees whom the guests will feel comfortable around. Having uniformed employees will let them know who they are and the guests will not feel like there are a bunch of strangers walking around the facility.

There is no job too big for us. We perform background checks and drug tests on all employees and require all field personnel to wear uniforms. Additionally, all team members are well-trained and understand the specifics of your cleaning requirements. To ensure each job is completed to the highest standards, there is a supervisor on-site at every job. Call or contact us and find out why how we can keep your assisted living facility in perfect order. We strive for perfection each and every time.

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