Why Choose us

Choosing a trustworthy cleaning company for your specific needs can be a tough job!

Let us convince you why this should no longer be the case! We absolutely love what we do, we are professional and reliable, we take pride in helping our clients become successful, and we bring enthusiasm and commitment to every project that we accept to take on.

In a nutshell, if you want a partner who cares about you, your business and your objectives, and who is perfectly aligned to your needs, choose Scrub King and you won’t be disappointed. Here are some reasons why you should choose Scrub King, Inc. for your next project:

  • Scrub King is a WBE & DBE certified business that is fully licensed, bonded and insured.

  • We perform background checks and drug test every employee to make sure you can entrust us with access to your facility at all times.

  • We provide in-house and on-the-job training for the cleaning team members who will be servicing your site so they follow the protocols of your company and meet the specifications required at your facility.

  • All field personnel are uniformed.

  • Our staff is well trained in equipment and product usage and everyone on our team is environmentally concerned. 

  • Our supervisors will perform quality inspections to make sure that cleaning needs are being met to full satisfaction; and in the event that the job requires an immediate response, our reliable supervisors are accessible 24/7.

  • We are guided by your best interests in everything we do.

  • We offer competitively- priced services. 

  • We do not compromise on quality.

  • Supervisor on every job.

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