Benefits of Hiring Union Site Labor Service in Chicago

Benefits of Hiring Union Site Labor Services in Chicago

Trying to find that extra help for a day, or a couple of days, can be frustrating. After all, you don’t want to put extra strain on your employees. This is especially true for post construction cleanup or manufacturing and even logistics.

What is a Union SiteEmployee?

A union site employee is someone there when you need them. They are not a fulltime employee. Sometimes all business need an extra hand when things get heavy. This can be a wide variety of jobs that need to be accomplished. They can give you flexible schedules and are available only when you need them. There are several types of union site employees.


Temps are hired for a short period of time. There might be chances that the company will take them on, but they know that they are contracted for the period of time of the job. It could be something seasonal or even to fill in for a day or so.

Temp to Perm

Some companies take advantage of this in hiring a temp to see if they are something viable for their company. This way they can see if the person is right for their company. If they see fit, the temp could have a permanent employee. It could also help for empolyeerer’s looking for someone that would just need a part time.


Freelancers work on their own. They have to file all of their own paperwork and everything else. They understand that when the contract is up, they might stay on for another or just move on. This is also an advantage of hiring union site workers for a company.

Scrub Clean has a variety has a wide selection of union site employees for any of your needs. All of our employees go through thorough background checks and drug checks. We are fully bonded and insured wich gives you confidence when contractin our employees. We are WBE and DBE certified. Our employees have direct supervision to help alleviate your responsibility. Call or Contact us and see how we can help to fill the vacancies when you need them.

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