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Hospital And Medical Facilities Cleaning Services

Healthcare facilities cleaning services require strict regulations in order to keep guests and patients healthy and safe. Scrub King is well known and trusted in the industry to follow all of the guidelines.


Appearances mean everything when it comes to a healthcare facility. Guests feel better about the patients they are visiting. Patients feel better about the environment they are in. Appearance means you care for everyone in your facility.

Health Compliant

There are a number of strict standards when it comes to cleaning a healthcare facility. Some healthcare directors are not even sure what all of them are because there are so many. This is why they outsource the cleaning duties to professionals. They will be able to follow all of the regulations to ensure a safe environment.

Healthier Staff

Healthcare workers are put at risk on a daily basis. This is part of their job. Caregivers that are not healthy will not be able to properly care for their patients. A trained professional cleaning contractor will be able to focus on the job at hand.


Cross-contamination can be a really big problem in a healthcare facility. Cross-contamination can lead to the spread of infectious pathogens between patients and caregivers alike. Scrub King’s methods and techniques comply with all standards local and national.

Better Recovery Time

A healthy environment will lead to faster recovery times. Ensuring that all surfaces and the air is clean is the first step in this process. Removing all of the dust and pathogens will lead to a quicker recovery time.

Although there are many people that can and know how to clean, nobody can comply with all of the standards required when it comes to hospital and medical facility cleaning. Scrub King’s highly trained staff will keep your hospital and healthcare facilities clean and safe using all of the latest equipment and techniques.. We use green products, the latest equipment and highly skilled and qualified technicians to deliver the very best healthcare cleaning services. Call or contact us with any questions you have about cleaning escalators in the Chicagoland area.

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