How Medical Office Cleaning Differs from Regular Cleaning

How Medical Office Cleaning Differs from Regular Cleaning

Cleaning a medical office is a lot different than cleaning a regular office. There are special details to pay attention to. Regulations must be followed to the tee. Standards are held to a much higher level.

High Traffic Areas

Medical care facilities have a lot of traffic. The problem is that most of the traffic has some sort of infection. This makes it harder to stop the spread. There will be various things that will need to be cleaned quite frequently. This includes, but not limited to bathrooms, service counters and waiting rooms.

Cleaning vs Disinfecting

Althought to most people these two terms are synonymous. This is not true. Cleaning is what we normally expect, removal of all of the dirt, dust and grime. Disinfecting goes a little further. This process destroys or inactivates viruses and pathogens so that they cannot infect others. Cleaning does help, but both of these need to be done in order to complete the process.

Higher Standards

This is where the specialty training comes into play. Not every company can hold up to the high standards that are regulated by the CDC and local/state regulations. This keeps everyone safe; the patients, visitors and free fromfines from the regulatory agency. Medical care acilities take the risk of losing their license from companies that are not following due procedure.

Hazardous Waste

Disposal of hazardous waste is also tightly regulated. If it is not disposed of properly, there could be problems in the future. This is also tightly regulated. The proper disposal requires segregation of everything ensuring that everything is clearly labeled and the correct agencies also know the proper way to dispose of them.

Special Equipment

There is specialized equipment used in medical care facilities in order to make everything completely sanitary. But it is not just the equipment. Employees need to be trained on how to use the equipment in order for the process to be effective. Most of this equipment needs to be highly abusable because it will be used on a more frequent basis. Regular machines will not be able to stand up to the constant use.

Although there are many people that can and know how to clean, nobody can comply with all of the standards required when it comes to hospital and medical facility cleaning. Scrub King’s highly trained staff will keep your hospital and healthcare facilities clean and safe using all of the latest equipment and techniques.. We use green products, the latest equipment and highly skilled and qualified technicians to deliver the very best healthcare cleaning services. Call or contact us with any questions you have about cleaning medical care facilities in the Chicagoland area.

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