What is Union SiteLabor Service?

Union site labor services can help in any situation at a moment’s notice. One call can take care of everything.

What is Union Site Labor Service?

Union site labor helps to fill gaps when there are vacancies in the workplace. There are many people with different capabilities that are able to complete the required tasks.


Finding a demolition crew can be difficult to put together at a moment’s notice. Even though it is demolition work, it does require a skilled crew to properly complete the job. Scrub King can find the people you need at a moments notice. No need to call around, just one call will do it.

Post-Construction Cleanup

When a construction job is completed, the post-construction cleanup is all you need to completely finish the job. Sure construction crews clean up when they are done, but it is nothing like people that are dedicated to cleaning. This is where we can help you out by putting together professionals when you need them.

Benefits of Union Site Labor

If your project requires specific labor requirements and a crew that can fulfill your needs, Scrub King can find the right people for your needs. All of our employees are fully trained and pass through background checks and drug tests. Our qualified laborers are fully trained and will be there when you need them. With us there is no need to keep a full-time staff on hand.

Our union site services will help you stay within budget and get the job completed on schedule. There is no need to have employees that are not being utilized throughout the entire year. With our union site services, we can have a full staff ready for you when you need them. Call or Contact us and let us know the work labor requirements you need to complete your project. Our crews are properly trained for any task you have at hand. See how our union site services can help you out with your project.

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