When to Hire a Post Construction Cleaning Company

When the construction is finished, there is still a lot of work to be done by other professionals. Scrub King has staff specifically trained to clean up what’s left behind

When to Hire a Post Construction Cleaning Company

After all the dust has settled when the project is complete, it’s time to clean up. Of course, after the construction project, there is some mess. Construction crews will clean up themselves, but is that enough? They cannot do the work of a post-construction cleaning company.

All the little things

Construction companies specialize in construction, not specialized cleaning. Scrub King has staff specifically trained to clean up what’s left behind.

When the dust settles

When everything is done, there will always be a small amount of powder left. This is something that will most likely be left behind after the build crews leave. Although everything seems clean, there will always be settlement.

Detailed touches

A professional post-construction cleanup contractor takes care of everything that construction cleanup crews can miss. These are all the little things lurking deep in all the cracks and corners. They know where everything is that is left behind.

All new

Contractors may not remove labels after construction. When you hire a professional post construction cleaning company, they will take care of all of that. Final polishing, deep cleaning and anything else needed to get your new place ready to move in and start business as usual.

There is no job too big for us. We can even have union site labor services available to you. This means that when you need additional people on the job, we’ve got you covered. When you are successful, we all grow.

We conduct background checks, drug tests on all employees, and require all field staff to wear uniforms. Additionally, all team members are well-trained and understand the details of your cleaning requirements. To ensure that every job is completed to the highest standards, there is an on-site supervisor on every job. Call or Contact us and find out why we can clean your site. We strive for perfection every time.

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