Why Escalator Cleaning is Important

Keeping your escalators clean is important for aesthetics and for the safety of its riders.

Why Escalator Cleaning is Important

Escalators are something that we commonly use in everyday life. Like any other machine, proper maintenance is key to having a machine that performs well on a day-to-day basis.


It is said that the floors are the first thing someone notices when they enter a building. This is because they are looking at the floor not to trip. The same goes for escalators, They want to watch their step. The escalator might be the second people notice in most buildings.

How Often Should it be Cleaned?

This is a question building managers ask. Well, it all depends on a few factors. First off, it depends on the amount of traffic. Like any other surface, the more traffic, the dirtier it will get. Twice a month is what most people recommend.

Dirty Escalators

Dirty escalators first off a not hygienic. This is especially true under certain conditions. Hospitals and food service areas will usually have different standards.

Escalator Maintenance

Keeping the escalator clean will help to prevent it from breaking down. The slots on the stairs are for traction. The bad thing about this is that they can also trap a lot of dirt at the top or bottom of the machine. When it works its way down, it can damage the machine.

Old Methods

Back when, most escalators were cleaned by disassembling them. This is a timely process and would shut down the escalator for hours. Nowadays the escalator is not even shut off for most cleanings. Only for a deep cleaning would it be disassembled. Then regular cleaning would avoid this timely task.

Scrub King’s highly trained staff will get your escalator clean and safe using all of the latest equipment and techniques. We can assess how often you would need to have the escalators or moving walkways cleaned. We use green products, the latest equipment and highly skilled and qualified technicians to deliver the very best escalator cleaning services. Call or contact with any questions you have about cleaning escalators in the Chicagoland area.

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